Spring NECCC Digital Competition

* Reminder that any possible submissions to the NECCC electronic competition should be emailed to Sue at baglady@charter.net now. Deadline is Sunday March 24th. Photos should be resized to 1024 by 768 or less and can be in two categories: Pictorial and Nature (no hand of man showing). If you can’t resize your photos, contact Sue or she will do it for you. Please include title and maker in your email and can even reflect that in your file name if possible. Photos should be in jpeg formal. Get them in now, so we have time to vote on the ones which will be sent.

Windham Hospital Exhibit

Our exhibit at Windham Hospital has been extended another month. Members who have sold pictures are asked to replace them at the end of the month. Please get your information for the new picture with title, maker, price to Sue Audette at baglady@charter.net. If you are not able to replace your picture, please let Marcia know.

New Web Site!

Welcome to the new website of the Quiet Corner Camera Club.
We are off for the summer but will start our new year on Tueday, Sept. 17th at the Buchanan Center (Mansfield Library) at 7 pm. It’s easy to get to…just off of Route 89 in Mansfield Center. At our first meeting, we will take time to reacquaint ourselves and hopefully meet some new friends, and share our plans for the new year. Some of the time will be devoted to planning our upcoming October show at the Art Space. Please feel free to bring a photo to share that shows something about your summer. No matter what it is! We look forward to seeing everyone and any new folks who would like to join us. Stay safe, have a great summer and keep shooting!